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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  June 15, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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there are victims in the hospit hospital. stay tuned for more coverage on the orlando massacre, i am don lemon. >> we are live from orlando, florida. over the next two hourings, we will continue to listen to approximate voices that fell silent. friends who struggle with making it out, when their friends did not. we will hear from the medical examiner to find food still on the tables, drinks on the bar, as if time itself had stopped. so much life ahead of them.
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tonight, bringing you the story of the youngest, the woman who got out of the club, and went back in when she realized her fripd and cousin were inside. she didn't make it out the second time. calls the shooter made during the int dent, what his wife may have known about his plans. the wf knew in general terms that he was going to carry out a jihad attack. he left their home, he may be doing something violent that day, and possibly on the pulse night club. much more specific fears in advance of that attack, coupled with the fact that we know she visited sights with him before, and went with him to buy ammo,
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on at least once occasion. >> she had been fo both night clubs, might be the pulse nightclub and didn't tell xwhb. >> they didn't decide to charge her. they are going to with the grand jury with it. >> we know she was home sunday morning, sunday morning, when local police went to knock on her door and told her about the shooting and her husband's involvement in that attack. the local police would not say she was aware of the shooting or know about her husband's whereabouts, they turned it over to the fbi. we have learned a great deal about his ability to use deadly weapons. as a security guard, he took yearly proficiency exams of shooting at the range, year
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after year, he would score high, at one point, a near perfect. he called 911, a friend to say good bye, and a local television station, to make sure they knew the attack was underway, and identify himself as the shooter. beyond that, in the bathroom, he said there were schneiders 0uds, and a suicide bomber hiding inside. that is not true. that is clearly trying to spark fear, and keep first responders from getting inside.
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the questions have been raised, that is one of the possibility says, they didn't know how much they were dealing with. >> exactly. >> before we go in, have authorities been able to recover information? >> the phone was found from a puddle of blood. sadly. and water. as they busted through the wall to get into that bathroom, it has not destroyed the phone. anything else we should know? >> we are talking to the father in a postscript, we told him about his father's body in the morgue. he didn't know, he insists he knew nothing.
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he didn't know his son was radicalized or politicized in any way. he had no idea that his son may or may not have been gay. the phone call made to a producer, talking about that conversation. let's play that. >> it was at 2:45, when i received the phone call of someone claiming to the be orlando shooter, i answered the phone as i was, this is matt. on the other end, i heard, do you know about the shooting? >> i saids y i am getting calls and information right now. he cut me off and said, i am the shooter. i didn't know what to say. it was alarming to say the least.
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he started to say he did it for isis. the islamic state. >> drew, you know he sounded calm on the phone. i talked to survivors in the bathroom. one time after he shot someone point blank, he let out a laugh. pure evil. he had out bursts in his past. we know he may have been violent with her. and a violent outburst at the
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court house, and believed he was vfrled in an outburst at a law enforcement economic he was kicked out of in 2007. there it were somehow, he slipped the've through the cracks. >> a lot more to learn. joining us is the former u.s. and cnn legal alift, mark who defend defend defended. we have to recognize there, that there will be a moment that it
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was i isi think that is why i a lot pomp like my, are focusing on the jun. we can't stop that frf being mad. that is why the gun suburb is from a why bought ammunition i know about it it i didn't do enough to spot it.
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we can and if i drive you to a bank, you out of that bad could be if shy can claim ignorance? if i wasn't fully aware. the cell phone calls, the gps, showing where she was, where the car was. all of that will be relevant.
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make sure it is done right. not just to get her, but to have a temp plate for the next one. joining me now, chief, thank you for being with us. >> the most important things to remember, the first police officers on the scene, and the s.w.a.t. recovers saved a lot of lives. >> people trying to figure out
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exactly what happened. they still have teams on the ground. it was a three-our window. can you explain the thinking on the ground about waiting to go in. he tries to come out. there was an nchlg engagement with the police officers. >> yes, he responded to the fires sfirt he had a long gun, a rifle. as soon as enough arriving officers responded, there were three, four of them, i believe. they made entry from it club. active shooter training. they went in, changed gunfire with the suspect, through this
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caused the sub top of the from that point on, until 5:00 in the morning, there was he was making the phone calls. forced in by the shot says by the forces. >> they forced him to retreat. and during that time. why he was in the bathroom. they were getting injured people out. there were people inside. that is a they are offer ed onc
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it game s.w.a.t. team replacing starting up for an explos iveexs there a bleefr there was a this started out as an active shooter, and our here is the
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important thing, we had information from there, and from other people in the club, at that time, pea were going to start putting on bomb visits, there it was a time left. we believe, further loss of life was imminent. i did the breech and got the people out. >> touch kay? >> it was a tough. i thought they performed spectacularly. >> he wasn't sure if it was a on a call, there were mull pel
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people involved. was that part of you concern? were you 100% sure there was one guy in there when you went inside. >> why you mentioned the people of visits. he admitted he was wearing a visit. he was going to put explottive fents on in a situation like this obviously, after an
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incident like this, you do a reacce reassessment in the future, can new york city place. >> it could be. there it was a difficult deinario. we are going to he knew that club well. he clearly need the lay out of that club. >> i am not sure or not.
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thank you for your time. thank you. >> friends and family turfing with their his
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now through mondays, the best future's day gift.
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see sorry to be here under these circumstances, tell me about your husband. . he was a wonderful person.
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>> how do you feet? >> we met at the night club, back in 2007. we met through a friend, good friend t named leo. and it was funny, got here at the same time, that i got here. >> and he came from here. >> exactly. >> and friendship, we needed to date, than we got married. >> 2007. we were. we we >> everything started with friendship.
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>> when we got out we went to social media, at that moment, the 50 states got legalized that same day. it was really an honor for us, th that. >> you have no idea what is going to happen. >> such an outpouring approximate helping from the government, all the organizations are willing to help. strategy, it was a big thing.
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fire department, the fbi, fbi, everybody who has been here for us. how are you so strong right now? >> i believe in public injury. i have been having looking for him. i found him, because i looked for him! >> did you find out what happened?
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>> he was a wonderful person, willing to help anybody. putting everybody first, then him in second place. he was a good worker. his job has been wonderful, too. i wish you the best, and so sorry for your loss. >> thank you so much. >> ian do minges, i talked to she took some shots over some area. we will show you what she did
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. >> as a rule, i think it is important that reporters don't become part of the story. this awful tragedy, we trick to keep the vo cuson who they left behind. she went to an interview show, and she is either mistaken or not teling the truth. what he said on wor. >> we have been dealing with potential skaps about people trying to donate from we within over there, and went on, we were going to talk about the interview.
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not yetting more havoc. about healthing these people. with make sure that the websites are legitimate. as i do with she warned me no
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specifics, bii said, we will disand discust it. she was not looked to talk about the she could say, it was credit and to athat is ail in notices. here, in the last few days.
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he cut out the last policies. it was editted live yesterday on ncc. everyone watching around the world saw and heard and bontded way chtds she is referring to a clip. focused on her past record. i extremely disappointed.
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it wasn't the time or place for that yesterday. all it does was encourage hate. to not just my 14, trying to help them to bury their loved ones.
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it is too bad. we had an opportunity to talk about what is write and good. instead of a story figged with anker. >> a story filled with anger. for the record. my flier i was respectful before, during and after the interview. i don't know pam, what i think doesn't matter, it is my job to hold people am recommendable. harm. he spent hundreds of thousands in taxpayer money. gay and straight, trying to k. p
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everyone has a right to his own piniot. right now, championing, they are young. a i think we have to ask her about that. i don't believe anyone, i have seen love and unity. part of the bit about the charity scams you should take the whole thing off, and pr here
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it is again. >> i want to bring from it florida attorney general, i know there is a lot you talk attack about. what are you hearing from family members, and concerned about scabs? >> yes. you know, we have so many paem americans that want to donate. tiffing it on tv please, go to legitimate sdat our disaster relief fund, some artists who they are i talked to a lot of
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gay and lesbians here today. thought you were being a hypocrite. gout for throughing to do warm. to insdrs do you think you are a champion. >> i put my hand on the bible. i have never said i don't like
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gay people. you wander about gay defending what the supreme court allowed the voelers to put in our state constitution. >> you were aurking, if there was of course not. >> that is what you were arguing in court snrnlths no.
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it is my job to defend what is in the constitution of the state of florida. >> the hotline you have been talking about, which allowed family members and spourss to get information. which is sno boyfriends and probably have the in the hospital. >> i tell you something, people are, right now, in partners are married are able to get information. we are trying to. >> i was defending the constitution of what the federal
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court said that is not the constitution. you conditioned to drive it. >> you spent hundreds and thousands in taxpayer money. >> lg b.t., to portray yourself as an champion of the gay communicate. they don't see it as that. >> i am not portraying it myself as anything, other than helping others, right now, in hospital bets, who has family i am not
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championi championing thing, this is about families who need services. >> i have never seen you talk about gays and lenders, and in a transgender account, i saw you sweets until shelt er shelter m forward, do you. >> they are citizens like
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anybody else. ply goes license p these family members are debt stated. that is what this is about. we are human, and that is what it is all about. >> that was the entire, make up your own mind. the orlando phil gifter. donald trump the victims, the
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. here are live pictures, a filibuster launched by chris murphy to expand gun reforms, he wants to make it illegal to buy guys. panning the people on the no-fly admissible, meefing the mra, and do nra. >> it will help again and again. we are not doing what we need to be doing. >> the way dest. >> we have to check the momps,
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and after this retort tuesday night. i watched president obama tamerlan tsarnaev, hen at the shoot shooter.
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>> compared with a 55% unfavorable for clinton. and 55% of respondents would never support the new york billionair billionaire. trump is trailing clinton by 12 points, clinton, seizing on new momentum hammered him. >> not one of donald trump's reckless ideas would have saved a single life in orlando. it is more evidence that he is temperamentally unfit, and unqualified to be commander in chief.
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they are doing something different, talking about national security and terrorism. and trump has done it in specific terms, i think it is important to note, the difference between what traditional republicans have been talking about, and what trump is talking about. extending his ban on muslim immigrants, he is now doing it by geography, he is talking about aggressive profiling staph muslims in the country. they are talking about broader terms, not supporting what he is
9:51 pm
doing. >> at one point, he asked, i guess, the gays raised some eyebrows, where do you think it is coming from? does he see he has an avenue to pick up support? >> i think in terms of the gays, he has a history of framing every demographic group as the. archaic from the 1980s, in new york, when he came of age. prior to this campaign, where he has been vocal about gay marriage, he has a history of tolerance. in opened about the transgender
9:52 pm
bathroom law. he is trying to push a wedge between the lgb.t. communities. this is a bit different, what he is talking about right now.
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>> the youngest victim, 18 years
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old. her future, waiting to be written. she went to pulse to celebrate. tonight, a fuller picture of the final hours of her life, and the selfless choice. >> playing possum, said they survived. >> you could hear him load the gun. >> waiting, hoping, prayers, they could get out alive. >> too young for this it. >> it started out as a weekend of celebration. she was graduating from philadelphia last week, heading to orlando, she picked pulse, she was under 21, wanted to find a place to have a good time and dance. >> i didn't want her to go. >> dad, take me. >> i was saying, she is on
9:58 pm
vacation. >> and 2:06 a.m., frantic text messages, please, come get us. they are shooting, the parents, racing back to the night club. she realized she left her friend and cousin behind, goes back inside. all three girls manage to hide with 15, 20 others, the gunman walks in, and she said, it what seems like a miracle, his gun jammed. >> it was too late, however. the killer uses another gun, opens fire. she is shot in the arm, and her cousin in the side. >> i never thought i would have
9:59 pm
blood clots all over. >> and a phone call to her mom. >> 10 minutes in, mommy, please hurry, they are shooting, i am hit, hit in the arm. >> her parents are miles away. they need to call the police. >> i am bleeding so bad. please help me. call the cops, please. i need to call the cops, i need to disconnect with you. >> the three girls lay for hours, pools of blood surround them. using a morse code and taps to communicate with one another.
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>> >> just kept tapping each other. >> but akira was bleeding badly in need of medical care, soon no longer responds to morse code. >> i was tapping her. she didn't respond back. >> after 5:00 a.m., they punched through the wall and killed the gunman, dragging hostages to safety. her parents can do nothing but wait for news. monday, some 36 hours later received word that she's dead. >> i keep seeing her face. >> akyra murray, superstar basketball player, honor student. hero to her friends. the youngest victim of the senseless tragedy. >> i can't even imagine my baby girl, honor roll student that graduated from high school last week on the way to college next month would be dead today. it is surreal. >> so much life ahead. we are going to share thoughts from some of orlando's youngest citizens. pictures from orlando police department twitter page, kids and family coming to the station to offer gratitude, care packages for officers on site.